Refrigerator professionals.

We’re professionals when it comes to the installation, service and repair of all refrigerator appliances and have been offering our expertise to the Greater Los Angeles area.

If you noticed that your household device sounds unusual, for example, much louder or quieter, if it is vibrating or twitching, or if the temperature is below or above normal standards, this is the certain reason to invite our well-qualified technicians to save your refrigerator and to protect it from further breakdowns.

When appliances are beyond repair, we can help. We offer a great of selection new appliances for apartments and commercial properties.

A common fault to any specific refrigeration unit could be the clogging of the coils. The details about how these work can be discussed with our team experts. However a common and simple task our experts recommend is to take steps to avoid a potential refrigerator repair.

These can easily be found at the bottom of the refrigeration unit while most times being at the back. We have found, our clients have been able to reduce the issues to a refrigeration unit by upwards of 60% when performing these simple preventative maintenance.

Thermostat repair

The thermostat in a refrigeration unit is important to its overall use and function as it gauges the temperature of the physical system and routinely performs automatic functions to ensure the stability of the appliances temperature. Should you be curious if yours is working adequately, call our team today to discuss what our experts can do to improve your knowledge and the performance of your overall refrigeration appliance.

Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is crucial to the full air circulation of your refrigeration unit. The fan, like the coils, will most likely be located at the bottom and/or back of your appliance. A frequent issue we notice with condenser fans is that they can become clogged with dust, dirt, hair fibers, paper of mice.

We repair refrigerators and freezers for homeowners and businesses. By running a streamlined service with simple policies, we make the refrigerator repair experience painless and affordable.